Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What is an endocrinologist?

I was very disheartened in my mid 20's to learn, from a book that I was reading, that I should be seeing an endocrinologist for my diabetes care. Why did my Primary Care Physician not tell me this? My only assumption is that they wanted to make the most money they could from the insurance company. I have heard other diabetics talking and having trouble and I just have to ask if they are seeing an endocrinologist when they talk to me. They usually say no and they do not even know what one is. When I found a very good endocrinologist, it took me a few years to find a good one, my diabetes care took a 180 degree turn. My endocrinologist was up on all the new advances and very concerned for my well being and not worried about how much money she was going to make from the insurance company. She was concerned that I was getting the best care and keeping my blood sugars (BG's) under control. I learned first that I needed to be taking shots of the short acting insulin (humalog) before every meal. I learned to count carbohydrates. I learned that I should be testing my blood sugar more often and in time they finally convinced me to get an insulin pump. I fought that one for a very long time, but I tell you it is the best decision I have ever given in on. The insulin pump has made my life so much easier and the newest one I just received from minimed tests my interstitial (? spelling) tissue and will set off an alarm if my glucose levels get to low or to high. My endocrinologist knows how to work with the insurance companies, so that they will allow me to have what is needed for me to have the best care for my health. Can you say this about your Primary Care Physician?

Please post any comments or concerns you have about your care from your doctors.

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