Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Donna's First Appointment

My friend Donna went to her first Natural Health Care doctors appointment Monday. After she had a very humorous story about finding a cotton outfit, she told be about how he analyzes your body. Let me say that you learn alot about your body here and your organs. Donna learned that her body does not work well with milk or anything that has dairy in it. Her body does not work well with Wheat or any kind of rice. She learned a few other things her body does not work well with, but I did not write them all down. The doctor also told her that her heart was in great shape, but her gall bladder was not working as it should. This are just what the doctor was telling her as he did the tests. She will get everything in writing next week as to how she should start to heal her body. I do know the first 21 days are a cleansing process to get all of the toxins out of your body.

Let me tell you about some of the tests he did. The tests are called nutrition response testing. From what Donna was telling me you would put your left hand on say wheat and if your right hand that you are holding up falls a bit, you do not work well with that. It may seem confusing and weird, but I have heard so many success stories from people who are seeing this doctor. You do this with several food items and the doctor will learn what works best with your body. This does not mean you can't eat or drink certain things for the rest of your life. You will keep them out of your diet for a while and then they may bring it back to see if your body is more accepting of it. I have heard for a very long time now that Wheat, as we all think, is not the best for most people to be eating.

As I was talking to my husband last night, he was telling me about people he works with that are seeing this doctor as well. One guy had a high amount of mercury in his body. The doctor asked him if he worked near a factory or plant. He said yes, there is one right down on the river from his work. I thought that was amazing that even if you are not near a plant or factory, that produces all that smoke and pollution you can see affects in our bodies.

I wish I could give you more, but my first appointment is next Wednesday. I will have a first hand experience on what exactly goes on. Especially being a type 1 diabetic. What will pop up in the tests he runs on me? The people that go to this doctor who are type 2 diabetics have been saying their blood sugars are consistently running in the 90's. Is that not exciting!!!! I will let you know what my blood sugars will be running as a type 1 diabetic when I start the program. To read more about the tests go to The first 2 tabs at the top of the page will describe the tests and there is a picture, at the top of the page, of him doing the tests.

I do want to add one thing. I am working on my own website and will have it up in the next few weeks hopefully. This current site does not seem to be very user friendly or look that great. I have found away to make it more eye appealing and be able to create links for you as well. I will post the new website as soon as I have it up. I am looking forward to getting it put together for you.

Thank you for stopping to see what is up in the world of Natural Health Care.

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