Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Week 1 of eating natural

Wow! What a week. This has been a great full of protein and vegetables. I know I have not kept up with my posts. I have had a crazy week, but they all seem that way any more. I am heading out of town this weekend as well, so it may be Sunday before I get anything else up.

Let me fill you in. I have been eating nothing but protein and vegetables for a week now and boy do I feel different. My energy is coming back, but still has a little ways to go and I feel better. I am adjusting my basal rates like crazy and I do not take any insulin when I eat for the most part. I did make chili this week and the organic tomato juice does have some carbohydrates, so I did have to take 2 units of insulin.

Let's talk about the basal rates. I have gone from taking 20 units of background insulin to 14 and I am still making adjustments. That is incredible and very exciting!

I have my doctors appointment later today, so I will have to fill you in later on what he has to say and any adjustments he makes.

Stay tuned for more exciting events in the life of a diabetic gone wrong to doing better.

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