Monday, September 28, 2009

Week 3 on Natural Health Plan

Things are going very well. My blood sugars are under really good control, I have lost some weight and I have energy. I have not felt this good in a very long time.

I went to see Dr. Blanchard today and he noticed that I had not lost any weight this week. He looked at me and said don't worry you are going to lose more weight your body is just dealing with other issues right now. I really appreciated his concern for me and that he knew that I was concerned about not losing any weight this week. My whole reason for going there was not to lose weight, but to not feel so tired. I guess he knows that I do want to lose some weight.

I am currently working very hard on getting my web site up, so I can post more detailed information about how things are going and the numbers of my blood sugars. I have been very impressed with how they are doing. Dr. Blanchard is keeping a close watch on them as well.

I have 4 articles written for my new web site and need 6 more. I will need much more than that for it to really take off, so keep me in your prayers as I am working to get them finished. I am very excited to get it up as soon as possible.

Have a great week!!!!

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